Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tyson has a sister, Camille, who also goes to school here at UTC. She is a sophomore and is in the Chi Omega sorority. Yesterday, she called Tyson and asked if there was any chance that Tyson and I could come over to her sorority house to help move their big dining room tables down to the basement so that they would have more room for recruitment. Being the great big bro Tyson is, he agreed. Tyson and I made our way down the the house, and as promised help take two big tables down out of the house for them. All the girls were quite thankful, but before we left they asked if there was any chance that while we were there if we could also carry a copy machine outside to the trash area because it had recently broken. We agreed, thinking we could get some brownie points from a houseful of girls, and also thinking that it wouldn't be too big of a problem, I mean we're both relatively well built guys.
Anyway, it was a full size copy machine. One of those machines that you find in big offices and kinko's stores. It had to have weighed at least 200 lbs. We figure we had to make it as maneuverable as we could, so first we popped off all the trays and drawers that stuck out of the sides. We then tried carrying down the stairs, and surprisingly all went relatively well until the machine got tilted slightly and the top of the machine flipped open, we couldn't set the machine down, and neither of us could move our hands to try and close it, so we called out for someone to come help us. A girl came over and we just told her to break it off and get it out of our way, she did, and just as she did, somehow the whole entire copy machine broke in half. I was on the downside of the staircase and was able to stop the whole machine from going pummeling down the stairs and crashing through the window, but unfortunately I caught the majority of the copy machine on one of my knees, which is now quite bruised and swollen. This was quite a site indeed, just picture 3 people on a narrow staircase, a full size copy machine in TWO pieces, and we're all trying to gain enough composure to finish getting this thing down the stairs.

Thankfully, we finally get this thing out the front door, but it couldn't possibly be that easy, the trash pile was in the back of the house, so we still had to get it down there.

The top half had a power cord attached to it, so what simpler way than to just tie up and run down the driveway with it, kind of like a sled dog. Tyson took the power cord, tied it around his waist, and on the count of three took off. Unlike most of our ideas, it worked rather well, we got the machine down to the back of the house in less than a minute, with only one small hitch. Halfway down the driveway the bottom of the machine drops out and all the ink goes all over the driveway. I yelled "wait! stop!" as soon as I saw the mess Tyson was making, but he was too caught up in the moment to hear me. This got the first half of the machine in its final resting spot, but there was still the second half.

The bottom half didn't have a power cord of any kind attached to it, so we couldn't pull it like the previous part, BUT it did have wheels. Being that we both have experience in skateboarding, how hard could it be to ride a copy machine? Surprisingly yet again, the idea did actually work fairly well, Tyson jumped up on the copy machine, and luckily their driveway was slanted downhill, so he just rode the machine down to the bottom and into the grass before he fell off.

After finishing our "work" and getting all parts of the machine behind the house and into the trash pile, we went back into the house and were graciously thanked by all the girls for all the hard work we did. The story then finished in the best possible way, with cake. The sorority offered us cake, and we generously accepted.

After all our work was done, we then confidently headed home, knowing that together we are unstoppable.


leah said...

i dont know you or anything but my boyfriend goes to utc and i found this off of one of his friends things.
you guys are freakin hilarious and i think its really cool that you keep a blog full of what goes on.
good luck in college!!

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If you ever read this again, email me at

Anonymous said...

Great work.

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