Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, this morning was pretty interesting. Let me just start by saying that Tyson is very prone to injury and will likely get hurt multiple times throughout the course of the year.

After waking up Tyson and I usually just sit there for a moment and wake up slowly. As I looked over I realized that Tyson was now out of his sheets and adjusting them slightly. Then I closed my eyes and I hear the sound of the springs in the bed compressing and being released...a bouncing sound. I look over and Tyson is on his knees bouncing up and down trying to be funny. I find it pretty funny and start to laugh. Right here is where I start to see things going downhill.
As he's bouncing, I notice that the weight of his body is shifting forward and the end of the bed (which is wooden) is near. He is obviously oblivions to this health hazard as he continues to bounce. As he bounces his head, more notably his nose, makes contact with the wonderful wood bed frame that UTC has provided us with.
He proceeds to yell out in pain with words such as "Ow" "Oh wow...that really really hurt" "Gosh dang it, my nose is now bleeding profusely"

It was the perfect way to start the day and is a great memory to remember at the end.



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