9 comments Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Waffle House, known to a select few as "Wh", can be a totally new experience for someone who has never been. It is my belief that Waffle House should not open until around midnight or so, being that that's when they receive most of their revenue from poor college students like me. Going anytime before about 1am is just boring. There's no one that is drunk, the best employees are still getting their Waffle House gear on at home, and most of all, the atmosphere just isn't the same.

We (Tyson, Kevin (another room mate of ours) and I) try to go to Waffle House at least every Friday or Saturday night between 12am and 1am. We do this simply for the reasons stated above. It's interesting. We also have our favorite servers...or better put as people that wear Waffle House stuff and just talk to you the whole time. We've been so many times that they know us almost by name and our hope is to one day be able to server ourselves our own drinks by walking behind the counter and doing it.

I won't name the employees specifically, but we'll just title them "The Greatest Restaurant Employees Ever To Walk The Planet." I think that's a pretty good title.

There are many good laughs to have at Waffle House, and I think everyone should take a trip out to their local one at around 1am and see if they don't have a good time. You'll find it's impossible not to end up crying from the laughter...do it.