3 comments Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The following isn't necessarily a legendary story by any means but I'm sure that since the bar has been set, only more humorous and more interesting stories will follow it.

Mid winter in middle Tennessee isn't necessarily the most exciting thing...however, there are a few things that can happen which make it very much the opposite.

It was a cold December night, and Tyson and I were out at the local shopping mall with nothing to do. We stopped by at Chik Fil-A to see Tyson's girlfriend and hopefully get a free/discounted milkshake...or something. Once Tyson had got his fill, we were left with nothing to do. As we were pulling out, I thought "Hey! Lets drive through the drive thru....backwards!" Brilliant.

We maneuver the car around so that it doesn't get stuck while entering. Meanwhile, two other vehicles go in the right way, like most boring people do. So once we get into the drive thru, another car pulls in, unsure about what to do. They sit at the entrance, obviously struggling with the concept that someone wants to go through the drive thru backwards...how typical. Once the driver (female, by the way) realizes what's going on, she finds it quite humorous and starts laughing. I make our order and we get the instruction to pull around. Obviously the person working the order station realizes how creative Tyson and I are for changing things up a little bit. We like to make other people's jobs interesting.

Once we get to the window to pay, we are greeted with a very uninteresting employee of Chik Fil-a. I figured we would get some kind of...."haha" but no, nothing of the sort. Oh well, we got our kicks out of it, and enjoyed the small waffle fries and two FREE waters that we ordered.

Hopefully things will only progress upwards from here...look for more stories about it once we get back to Chattanooga, where there's more interesting people.

2 comments Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So as my first semester of college life has come to an end, I have to look back at it and consider what I have actually learned. I know I've learned more than just book knowledge, that's for sure. Here's some insight from my perspective as to what college seems to be really about.

For some people, college is a whole new experience and can be either very stressful, or it can be a very enjoyable event in one's life. I, for one, have enjoyed my first semester thus far.

First off, I have learned that grocery shopping sucks. It really does. Knowing how much I need and what I really need was a hard concept to learn. When I first arrived at college, I was going crazy on groceries and buying whatever "looked good" to me. Looks like Wal-Mart does a good job at advertising....oh well.

Secondly, I've learned how to manage my time better. Classes are tough to keep up with if you don't write down everything, and I do mean everything. Papers have this funny way of creeping up on you. Even though the professors, being the intelligent people they are, give me 2 months to complete a paper, I somehow think that I'm smarter and only need one day, or even one night, to complete it. I found out real quick that that's not the way things fly in college.

Lastly, is the topic of relationships. Don't bank on finding that "special" person within the first few months of being at college, it just doesn't happen. Patience is the greatest key to finding that person. Well, it's actually more of them finding you it seems. No matter how hard you try, you aren't going to find the companionship by hitting on everyone you think is "compatible" with you. It gets you nowhere as I've learned from personal experience.

So, I have quite a few semesters ahead of me in college, but hopefully they'll only get more enjoyable from here.

Tree ya.