Monday, September 15, 2008

Scavenger hunts are always a pretty good time. It can either lead to complete awesomeness, or just mediocre cool. Either way, fun times happen. I was recently involved in one and I have to say, it was full of complete awesomeness.

The list was pretty extravagant in some spots and semi-basic in others. Some things were absolutely impossible, while others were not so far out of reach. We had to take pictures of each of the events that we checked off our list as proof that we did them. There was a section of the list, however, that included bringing back certain things. One of those was a LIVE duck. We could have just taken a picture with one, but NO, we had to CATCH one. No task is too large for Tyson and I.

We went to a local park that is known to have massive amounts of ducks at it. We decided that no matter what, we were leaving with a live duck. We didn't know how we were going to catch it, we just knew that it would happen.

So we arrive at the park and begin picking out our victim. One duck seemed as though he wanted to try and show off (for the ladies) so he tried taunting us. He stayed on land as the rest of the ducks fled into the protective waters of the pond in the middle. He got our attention diverted away from the other ducks, which was not a good thing. Me, Tyson, and another random hero "triangled" him and threw a shirt around him. Random hero held his wings and then Tyson helped him pick the duck up. We were so astounded at the fact that we had just captured a live duck that we could not stop laughing. We took our picture and then tried to figure out how to get him back to the house. Tyson's trunk looked like a perfect holding cell. It was only about a 5 minute drive, so we didn't feel THAT bad about it.

We didn't win the scavenger hunt, but it was a glorious day anyways.

Here's Fred:


Anonymous said...

yall two never cease to amaze me.. i miss u guys. keep it up

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