Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, as the semester is dying down, the time to sign up for next semesters classes is here.

Everyone looks forward to waking up at 5:50AM on the morning of their assigned sign up date. "Why would anyone want to wake up at that time?" You might ask. Well, they start at 6AM so your best chance is to wake up just before, enter all your class information and then go back to sleep in hopes of getting at least a little bit more sleep before having to wake up again to attend your morning class. It's great!

Mine went semi-smooth but as my luck has it, I ran into some problems.

In my preparation the day before I was figuring out what classes I needed to take and when I needed to take them in order to have an easy breezy schedule. I had pretty much run out of Gen. Ed. Classes to take and it was time to begin working on my classes for my major. My advisor suggested two 300 level classes and I gladly chose to take those as they sounded very interesting. So, 5:50AM rolls around and my alarm is going off, awesome. Nothing better than waking up to two of my alarms and two of Tyson's going off. I managed to get myself out of bed, start my computer, and log into the registration page. 6AM soon came and I began entering in all my information for the classes. Half asleep, I read a message that the system kicked back to me. It said " You do not have the required number of hours to take 300-400 level classes." Yeah! Awesome! Now, instead of having everything flow smoothly, I have to figure out what the heck is going on. It turns out that because I'm a Freshman, I can't take 300-400 level classes until I have at least 23 hours. I only have 15 until the end of the semester and my current classes are logged. Sweeeet.

The thing about it is, is that I need to have at least 12 hours per semester to be considered a full time student. Right now I'm only at 10.

Being that there was nothing I could do at the moment, I signed up for the rest of my classes and went back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and checked out what else I could do. I find that I can also go get some forms, fill them out, and get them signed by both the instructor AND the department head to show that I are smart enough to take them thar smart kid classes. Pah.

Today I went and showed the forms to the intructors and department heads. I got into one with no problems. The second one, I didn't have such luck. The intstructor refused to sign it saying that she "wants to make sure that the seniors can get into it first" and to "come back next week if it's not full." Soooo, even though the Seniors have had more than ample time to sign up for this class, and I'm doing mine on time, I can't get into it? "Correct." Sweet, I'm just a Freshman and don't know what I'm talking about anyways. Lame.

Oh well, at least I'm now considered "full time" with a whopping 13 hours.


Mitch Cooley said...

Lame sauce. At least you have a chance being a freshman though. Sucks that teacher is such a prick. You should just walk into class even if it is full and say your in it and force your way in. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to be a full time student!!!! high five!!

Anonymous said...

this is better. haha, im just messing with you bobby. im excited to think about next semester and everything that will happen (none that has to do with classes of coures) ;)

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