Monday, September 17, 2007

Today was a beautiful Monday afternoon, which is perfect weather for bee hunting.

As Tyson, Abby, and I were outside enjoying the sun rays, I noticed a bee buzzing from grass blade to grass blade, obviously trying to find some nectar for the queen. I then came to the brilliant suggestion that we should catch it, freeze it, and tie dental floss around it and keep it as a pet!

The only problem was, we didn't have anything to catch it with. Luckily, Abby came to the rescue with a cup and lid in hand. As the final moments of the bee's free life came to an end, we found a hole atop the lid!

Oh no, tragedy strikes!

We managed to get some tape and tape it shut.

I put Sam into the freezer and said my goodbye's. If only I had known these were going to be the last goodbye's I ever spoke to him, I would have made them more precious. Oh well.

Evidently, in order to perform this feat, you have to just make the bee cold enough so that the body slows down, not completely freezes.

I'm sorry, Sam.


Managed Mischief said...

have you given up on keeping the blog going? or just been really busy with midterms and such?

i hope you've been enjoying your 1st semester in college!

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